University Of Zintan


Zintan University seeks to have a distinguished position among universities, locally and internationally, through its excellence in education and scientific research, and to contribute to solving community problems, based on international quality, and in order to achieve sustainable development.


Providing high-quality scientific programs in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, employing academic and professional programs, encouraging innovation, creativity and scientific and research excellence, and emphasizing on building and qualifying the human being academically, professionally and psychologically.


Commitment to integrity, honesty, objectivity and transparency in all university dealings, respect and protection of intellectual property rights, a commitment to providing equal opportunities for everyone without discrimination, and teamwork through cooperation and teamwork

Zintan University, the past, the present and the future

Zintan is considered one of the cities that hosts a large number of educational institutions, whether higher or intermediate, as it was honored to embrace the first university at the level of the Western Mountain, where the region was chosen to be the main center for public administration.



The university includes twenty one faculties specialized in various areas and fields, distributed over a wide geographical area within the western part of Libya

Faculty of Science, Zintan

Faculty of Education, Tiji

Faculty of Education, Yafran

Faculty of Education, Zintan

Faculty of Dentistry, Zintan

Faculty of Medicine, Zintan

Faculty of Accounting
Faculty of Law, Zintan
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology, Zintan

Faculty of Agriculture, Rayayna
Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Tiji

Faculty of Media, Rajban

Faculty of Arts, Badr

Faculty of Education, Rayayna
Faculty of Education, Tabqa
Faculty of Medical Technology

Faculty of Education, Shweirf


Teaching Staffs