إعلان للسادة المتقدمين بملفات لغرض التعيين كأعضاء هيئة تدريس بجامعة الزنتان

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Those who applied for the job of teaching staff members at the University of Zintan and they met the conditions stipulated in the announcement, we inform you that the date for the personal interview  has been set  each according to his field of specialty according to the attached timeline schedule.

The interviews will take place at the headquarters of the Open University in Janzour, which is located near the Academy of Graduate Studies

As for the applicant who applied for appeals regarding their exclusion, they should contact the administration of the faculty members regarding the results of  the appeals, as they had already been considered by the committee.


ر.م Major interview date
1 Curricula and Teaching Methods / Educational Administration Tuesday 22\10\2019
2 psychology Thursday 24\10\2019
3 Arabic language Saturday 26\10\2019
4 Mathematics / English Language / Geology / Geophysics Sunday 27\10\2019
5 Geography Monday 28\10\2019
6 Sociology / social service اTuesday 29\10\2019
7 Economics / Accounting / Management Wednesday 30\10\2019
8 Zoology / Botany / Biotechnology / Environment Thursday 31\10\2019
9 Agricultural Science / Veterinary Sciences / Nutritional Sciences / Physical Education Saturday 01\11\2019
10 History Sunday 03\11\2019
11 Law and political science Monday 04\11\2019
12 International studies Tuesday 05\11\2019
13 Engineering (civil / electrical / mechanical / communications / architecture / chemical) Wednesday 06\11\2019
14 Chemistry / Physics / Statistics / Information / Interpretation Science Thursday 07\11\2019
15 Islamic studies Saturday 09\11\2019
16 Computer Science and Information Technology Sunday 10\11\2019


Applicants are required to submit a visual presentation about their general major, and this presentation is subject to academic evaluation.
Applicants are required to bring all original copies of their documents (university degree – master’s degree – Equalization of quality certificate (for those who studied abroad) – transcripts),
Applicants are requested to bring their CV and evidence of his academic cooperation in colleges or higher institutes.

We wish all best of luck